Where to Find Co-Working Spaces in Chicago

With so many new innovations and changes in the traditional work environment, Chicago startups now have to be more creative than ever. In order to make the most of their independent business endeavors, many businesses that hire interns are now turning to co-working; a new concept that allows people to “plug in” at an office facility when working from home or from your local coffee shop just doesn’t cut it. Co-working is a way to create a more productive environment for your Chicago startup business.Here are a few great places for co-working in Chicago:COOP
Virtual interns may sometimes find that working in an environment where they have regular interaction with other budding entrepreneurs will increase their productivity. COOP is a shared creative workspace in Chicago’s River North with desks for rent by the day, week, or month. The space is located just minutes from the heart of the city and transportation to most of the major train lines. There are a variety of entrepreneurs who work in the space, ranging from journalists to programmers, and there is also a rotating gallery set up to showcase local artwork. The website boasts inviting pictures of the common areas and the office pet. The space also includes a kitchen, desks, and T-1 internet connection. Flexible rates add to the inviting atmosphere.Office Port
Members belong to community online and offline. The Office Port network is set up to invite the sharing of ideas, peer interaction, and a sense of community. There are three locations to choose from: one in the heart of the Loop district of Chicago, one in the heart of the Crossroads Arts District and a third in the heart of the River Market. Members of this co-working facility enjoy such perks as secure Wifi, Business VoIP, low cost prints, and technical support. Extras include conference rooms, lounges, a shared kitchen, and Premium coffee by Kansas City Roasterie. The building has 24/7 secured access, and members of the community have access to event space if needed. Office Port has accommodations that allow members to roam around the community, or work in their own private office. There are networking events such as the KC OfficePort’s Innovation Thursday, a get-together every 3rd Thursday of the month where entrepreneurs, developers and new media types can connect over beer. The company has plans to expand in other cities, and also add features to their website that allow you to explore available spaces, arrange a tour, sign up and grow your vision into reality.Tech Nexus
TechNexus vows to bring leaders and innovators together to support a vibrant startup ecosystem. Members of the community have the option to collaborate online, at the TechNexus clubhouse or through a network of thousands of people who are connected and passionate about building companies in Chicago. Innovation and start up space for up to 15 people, as well as desks, lounges and meeting rooms. There are workshops and learning where tech talks and training take place, as well as mentorship programs, a new addition that not many co-working spaces have adopted yet. In fact, the managing partners at Tech Nexus are often found roaming the halls. The company is constantly expanding, and at times has more than 2,500 entrepreneurs using the space to grow their businesses.Are you working in Chicago for the summer that needs a co-working space? Are you hiring a team of interns in Chicago and looking for a place for everyone to work together? If you answer is “yes”, then you should definitely consider co-working spaces to make your business more productive.